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Cornerstone Spine Institute
Specializing in Sports, Biomechanics and Neuromuscular therapies.
Have served Murrieta/Temecula for over 18 years

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Providing Superior Health and Balance Through Chiropractic



Why use us!!

Dr.Timars'  20 years of experience and great results are a few great reasons, but also Cornerstone Spine Institute offers a great value:

For a low cash fee of $40.00 Each patient will experience our...

 3in1value system


With each office visit the patient will receive a minimum of these 3 services: 

  • ADJUSTMENTS (over 10 different type of techniques are used at CSI)
  • MUSCLE WORK (MRT, muscle release technique, Trigger point, ART)
  • EXERCISES (Proper core stabilization, posture correction, stretches)

(Each case is unique at our office, care and services are not limited to just these 3. We offer spinal decompression therapy, core training, flexion distraction, posture correction training, and much more are available dependent on the patient's injuries.)

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